Integrated Approaches to Early Childhood Development

November 1, 2023 – Early childhood offers a critical window of opportunity to shape the trajectory of a child’s holistic development and build a foundation for their future. For children to achieve their full potential, as is their human right, they need health care and nutrition, protection from harm and a sense of security, opportunities for early learning, and responsive caregiving. Countries can ensure children’s holistic development through the adoption of integrated approaches to early childhood development that effectively target all children’s health, development, and wellbeing. Yet despite these interconnected needs, interventions are often siloed because jurisdictional oversight for programs that support young children and their caregivers resides across multiple ministries. To share practical examples of how governments have taken a holistic, integrated approach to financing and implementing ECD programs, UNICEF and ECDAN are launching a webinar series. The series aims to foster knowledge sharing and dialogue around promising practices, challenges, and lessons learned in the implementation of integrated approaches to ECD.

During this webinar, we aimed to:

  • Provide an overview of integrated ECD approaches (e.g., definition and key components of an integrated approach to ECD and why such an approach is important for child development)
  • Showcase examples of countries that have adopted integrated approaches to ECD.
  • Generate dialogue on implementing integrated approaches to ECD among the ECD community.