Systems Masterclass Session 1: Transformational Systems Change and the Role of Evaluation

23 April 2024 – This webinar set the stage for this learning series by exploring the concepts of systems and transformation, and how evaluation can contribute to a deeper understanding of transformational systems change.

Systems transformation is the clarion call of our time to address the polycrisis of intersecting crises: climate emergency, global inequities, hunger, violence and war, pollution, political polarization. Initiatives and movements to mitigate the polycrisis require new forms of evaluation. Traditional program evaluation will not suffice. Evaluation must be transformed to evaluate systems transformation.

We introduced the principles of effective use of systems thinking in evaluation and explore an evaluation framework that participants can apply to their Early Childhood Development work.

Participants developed a better understanding of the following:
– Why a systems transformation approach is critical at this point in time
– Understand the principles for effective use of systems thinking in evaluation
– How to use the Six Conditions of Systems Change as an evaluation framework

This session is part of the Masterclass Series on Systems Thinking curated by ECDAN and NORC, accessible here:

Systems Masterclass

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