ECDAN brings partners together to maximize their impact by sharing resources and expertise, breaking down silos, aligning priorities, and taking collective action.

We showcase what is possible when partners come together around shared goals for young children and their caregivers. ECDAN facilitates, coordinates, and participates in organized collaborative initiatives that engage experts and stakeholders across sectors and regions to innovate solutions to improve early childhood development outcomes globally.

Our Current Collaborative Initiatives

Elevates childcare as a global priority and builds political commitment to invest in childcare.

Works with governments, civil society partners, researchers, and donors to promote universal support for parents and caregivers.

Leverages data on children in low- and middle-income countries to improve child development, early learning, and pre-primary education.


Works at the global, national, and local levels to identify and test systems changes to enable support for home-based childcare providers. 

 Promotes uptake of policies and implementation strategies that address five interrelated and indivisible components that young children need to reach their full potential.

 Integrates systems-thinking approaches in the field of early child development to create sustainable, equitable, and scalable solutions. 

ECDAN initiated the Knowledge Fellows program in 2021 to build the capacity of early-career ECD professionals.

The program is run by a collaborative Steering Committee and ECDAN partners step up to serve as mentors to support the fellows as they complete knowledge projects that address identified knowledge gaps. Every year a new cohort is recruited from the Global South.

Find thematic pages on topics of interest, the latest publications, and webinars.

Make use of knowledge and learning generated by these collaborative initiatives and more by visiting the ECD Knowledge Gateway. 

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