The Road to COP: Elevating Early Childhood Development in Dubai and Beyond

November 16, 2023 – As UN agencies, governments, academics, and civil society partners prepare for COP 28, what are the opportunities to elevate the needs of young children and their caregivers in the negotiations and resulting climate action plans? How are key partners positioning early childhood development within the climate change dialogue and negotiations, and what are the pathways for advocates to inform and promote adaptation, mitigation, and financing strategies that build climate resilience through early childhood interventions? What can ECD advocates do at the country level to leverage climate financing?

During this virtual roundtable, we discussed these questions and more in the lead up to and follow up from COP 28. We heard from leading organizations working at the intersection of early childhood development and climate change about how they are elevating early childhood development through the lenses of child rights, education, and health, and discussed advocacy opportunities, entry points for influence, resources for advocates, and more.

The slides for the webinar can be found here. Additional resources shared during the webinar included: