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Protecting & elevating early years programming during & after COVID-19

As children’s first playmate and teachers, parents and caregivers play a very important role in helping their young children develop and thrive.

Family-Friendly Policies for Workers in the Informal Economy
What do we know (so far) about remote delivery of ECD programs in humanitarian settings?
Lessons from integrating interventions to promote& monitor ECD in health services - Kenya & Mozambique
Knowledge to Action: Translating knowledge to inform policies & enhance the delivery of ECD services
Enabling children to grow up in a smoke-free world: policies and practices
A Roadmap to Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Education
A Roadmap to Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Education
Global Support for Parents: A Call-to-Action
Technical Help Chat: Building the capacity of frontline workers to deliver Playful Parenting
CCD Implementation in East Africa: Experiences from Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia
Nurturing Care during COVID-19: Lessons Learned in Seven Countries
Results-Based Budgeting for Early Childhood Development: The Case of Peru
ECE Accelerator Toolkit Introduction
Harnessing Global Data for Young Children
Online launch event — Leave No Child Behind: Invest in the Early Years Report