Systems Masterclass Session 8: Using Stories to Drive Systems Change & Learning

29 April 2024 – While systems change intentions and approaches are on the rise, much mystique still surrounds the actual practices that drive durable shifts in systemic patterns, structures, and mindsets. This session will introduce a framework that is being used across a region of northwest lower Michigan (US) that breaks down systems change into four core strategies and corresponding indicators of change. It will offer micro and macro examples of how storytelling has been a critical tool to clarify and chronicle systems change in action, create a common language, and inspire deeper learning and action. Opportunities and tools to practice applying frameworks and storytelling will be shared.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will develop a better understanding of the following:

Four core strategies common to systems change work.
Nested levels of systems inquiry and common signs of change to look for at each level.
Two replicable practices that use storytelling as a method to uncover and share signs of systems change

This session is part of the Masterclass Series on Systems Thinking curated by ECDAN and NORC, accessible here:

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