Systems Masterclass Session 13: Measuring ECD Systems Change Systems Level Impact Framework

2 May 2024 – How can we measure and quantify systems-level impact? Acknowledging that conventional, direct program implementation will not meet the world’s urgent needs, CARE—an international NGO focused on women and girls—recognizes the need for structural change to achieve impact at scale. CARE has invested in conceptualizing, implementing, and measuring systems-level impact. Our multi-year learning journey has included an iterative approach, refining our measurement framework with each successive evaluation. We will share our measurement framework and practical, real-world examples of how we’ve measured systems-level change in different countries around the world. Participants will have the opportunity to practice applying these frameworks to their own ECD context.

We will also discuss the organizational learning that’s required to embed systems-level change strategies and comprehensively measure systems-level impact.

Participants developed a better understanding of the following:

  • Applying a systems-change lens to ECD, depicting the system you’re trying to change and the desired outcomes.
  • The steps to establish a systems-level impact measurement framework for a desired systems-change.
  • How systems-level impact measurement differs from traditional program evaluation and the organizational shifts required to execute systems-level change evaluations.

This session is part of the Masterclass Series on Systems Thinking curated by ECDAN and NORC, accessible here:

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