Knowledge to Action: Translating knowledge to inform policies & enhance the delivery of ECD services

Oct 21, 2021 – Knowledge to Action: Translating knowledge to inform policies and enhance the delivery of effective ECD services and interventions

Evidence shows that playful parenting enhances the interaction between the child and caregiver. It is also well acknowledged that play and communication are critical for children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. While considerable evidence has been generated in recent years on what works to ensure that children have a strong start to life, gaps remain in ensuring the use of such knowledge for informed decision-making by varied audiences, from policymakers to frontline workers. This has contributed to a large number of children failing to meet their developmental potential, especially in Low and Middle-Income Countries.
Through the Scaling Up Playful Parenting Initiative, AKU IHD, in collaboration with UNICEF with the support of the LEGO Foundation and the Aga Khan Foundation is establishing an ECD Workforce Hub. One of the key mandates of the Hub will be translating scientific research and technical resources into accessible materials for specific target audiences including, but not limited to, policymakers, frontline workers, program practitioners, and parents/caregivers.
On October 21st, 2021, we invite ECD implementers and researchers to join in a discussion on translating knowledge to inform policy and practice. This webinar looks at what knowledge translation means, barriers, facilitators, and opportunities for translating knowledge to practice, and what is currently being done to address existing gaps.