Fatherhood Technical Help Chat

May 25, 2022 – Promoting fatherhood engagement in Early Childhood Development is good for young children, domestic partners, and communities and is good for the fathers themselves, but yet participatory fatherhood is still a global challenge we face today. On the 25th of May, as we mark the 25th anniversary of Promundo, we invite global partners to join ECDAN, PROMUNDO, PLAN INTERNATIONAL, AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY and UNICEF in a technical help chat to tackle the challenges on evolving father in care and to share global strategies in place today.

What is a Technical Help Chat?
A panel of experts from academia and implementing agencies will provide advice on how to solve real challenges faced by participants in the Technical Help Chat. Unlike a webinar, the format of a technical help chat is entirely based on Q&A to allow for more time for discussion. This technical help chat will cover challenges faced by global partners in engaging fathers in ECD.

As you and your organization sign-up, please submit the questions you would like for this Technical Help Chat to tackle. A panel of experts will be formed in order to debate solutions and best practices around the world.

Join the Working Group on Fatherhood
If you are passionate and committed to working on engaging men in equitable care and involving fathers in Early Childhood Development, please sign up to be part of our working group on fatherhood. We hope to have monthly meetings with global partners to tackle the various issues related to the issue of fatherhood.

Celebrating Promundo’s 25th Anniversary

Promundo is a recognized global leader in engaging men and boys to shift norms and transform gender dynamics in order to prevent violence, including promoting the involvement of fathers through programs and reports (including most recently the Black Fatherhood in Brazil report). This year, Promundo celebrates its 25th anniversary. For more information on Promundo please visit: