Beliefs and Practices of Play in Parenting Programs Webinar

5 June 2024 – The Playful Parenting Community held an interactive discussion on beliefs & practices around play in five distinct country contexts: Bhutan, Guatemala, Rwanda, Serbia, and Zambia. This webinar featured five programs, discussing how the beliefs and practices of caregivers and service providers in the different countries have shaped each program’s journey to scale and vice versa. The webinar also covered the latest FHI 360-led implementation research findings from the programs, showcasing data on knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors around parenting and play from providers and caregivers. From phone surveys and in-depth interviews with providers to direct observations of providers’ home visiting sessions with caregivers to caregiver surveys, the presentations were deeply grounded in a rich array of data sources. The Playful Parenting Community is a LEGO Foundation supported consortium of partners implementing and researching playful parenting worldwide including FHI 360, Save the Children, the Boston College Research Program on Children & Adversity, FXB/Rwanda, and UNICEF.