Advancing Early Childhood Development Showcasing the Work of ECDAN Knowledge Fellows 2023 Cohort

May 16, 2024 – This event marked the culmination of work done by ECDAN’s 2023 cohort of Knowledge Fellows. These seven early-career professionals worked hard and dove deep into complex topics. This event was a special presentation of the knowledge projects the Fellows have developed. View the master slide deck and learn more about the Knowledge Fellows program here.

Their projects relate to the following topics:

  • Understanding ECD from a rights perspective
  • Increasing access to childcare for children under three years of age
  • Reviewing parenting programs for their suitability for adolescent parents
  • Understanding how to meet the needs of parents in crisis settings
  • Comparing different models of parenting program delivery
  • Examining different approaches to scaling parenting programs
  • Reviewing systems tools for their application in the context of ECD services

Launched in 2021, the Knowledge Fellows program is based on the belief that supporting early-career ECD professionals from around the globe to develop their skills, knowledge, and professional connections will not only help them increase their interest in continuing in the ECD field but also enrich conversations in the global ECD sector by elevating their perspectives and voices.

Knowledge Fellows Presenters:

  • Duong Vu (Vietnam)
  • Mubarik Abdul-Rahman (Ghana)
  • Noellie Amon-Kotey (Ghana)
  • Paul Otwate (Kenya)
  • Rahul Pethe (India)
  • SM Rashedujjaman (Bangladesh)
  • Tanvi Sethi (India)


  • Frances Aboud, Professor Emerita, McGill University
  • Shekufeh Zonji, Global Technical Lead, ECDAN

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