Through ECDAN’s Global Childcare Campaign, we want to lift up the voices of childcare providers and parents from every country and every community. Your stories and perspectives can help ECDAN and our partners raise awareness, inform policy decisions, and advocate for stronger national childcare systems.

We’ve provided some questions to prompt your thinking, but please share anything that is important to you about childcare.

For childcare practitioners:

What are your biggest challenges?

What do you want policy makers to know?

What is most important to you as a childcare provider?

For parents and other primary caregivers:

Why is childcare important to you?

How has access, or lack of access, to quality childcare impacted your life?

If we hope to expand access to affordable, high-quality childcare, we must ensure the voices of those that provide and utilize those services are at the table.

Please share your story with us!


Do we have your permission to utilize your words or video on websites or social media and/or use them in other public ways to build awareness for affordable, high-quality childcare?