State of female childcare workers in Kenya report 2023 – Uthabiti

In the last few decades, women’s participation in paid work has increased; This has been fueled by increased access to high levels of education and wider economic opportunities . In 2007, approximately 1.2 billion (18.4%) women around the world were engaged in work[i]. This gain is commendable, but not representative of all cadres of women. The less educated and economically disadvantaged women still dominate a huge percentage of women who have to grapple with limited economic opportunities, and access to assets or resources. As such, the need for a basic income compels women in this category to participate in paid work and particularly work within their skill set and resource disposal [[ii]]. Resulting from high urbanization rates, disintegrated family structures, and an increased demand for childcare, the childcare economy has emerged; one dominated by women.