The UNICEF ECE Accelerator Simulation Modelling and Costing tool is a downloadable excel based platform which aims to support countries in estimating needs to ensure universal access to pre-primary education in line with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.2.   The tool provides a detailed projection of the human, infrastructural, and financial resources needed to meet country targets for the provision of Early Childhood Education (ECE) as defined by national Education Sector Plans (ESP). The projection period covered is 10 years from 2021 (baseline) through 2030. However, this can be changed to any subsequent value in the upcoming years.

The seven basic datasets required for the model to work effectively are : 

  1. Population data for nationals and refugees population 
  2. Enrollment data for public, private, community, and public-private schools 
  3. Dropout and repetition rates for the baseline year 
  4. Teachers and caregivers’ data for personnel engaged in ECE and the existing gap 
  5. Infrastructure available for ECE and the existing gap 
  6. Unit costs of basic infrastructure and human resource inputs 
  7. Trends of ECE budgets over the last ten year

Costing approach: Macro-simulation

Platform and Format : Downloadable excel based

Type of analysis: Prospective

What questions does it answer?

Planning, budgeting, scaling


All data for the model will be added to the ‘inputs’ sheet. All the other sheets will automatically be populated based on data provided in the ‘inputs’ sheets.  The model in its current form looks at three years of pre-primary education with biological ages of 3-5 years. Countries prioritizing one year of pre-primary education before going for the full three-year program, can make use of the same model. The tool can show annual enrollment and resource projections that are inclusive of considerations for children with special needs. It can be adaptable to various subsector strategies and be applicable to national and subnational levels. The tool is accompanied by a detailed step-by-step Guide for Using ECE Accelerator Simulation Model. Contact: [email protected]