Understanding Brazilian Municipalities’ Early Childhood Education Expenditure per Child

June 2023 – ECDAN Knowledge Fellow, Jacqueline Natal, supported by her mentor, produced a case study of municipal financing for ECE in Brazil, followed by a literature review, then explanation of the methods used, and presentation of the results. The project aimed to contribute to the understanding of Brazilian municipalities’ ECE expenditure per child through an investigation of municipalities’ expenses and revenues.

The investigation was done by descriptive analysis. Results could be used as evidence for ECE public policy, especially considering the present moment of expansion of daycare centers in Brazil, the new Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and Valorization of Education Professionals (Fundo de Manutenção e Desenvolvimento da Educação Básica e de Valorização dos Profissionais da Educação [Fundeb]), and the elaboration of a new National Education Plan.