The NGO Climate Compact 2.0

April 25, 2023InterAction unveiled its second iteration of the NGO Climate Compact.  Three years after the launch of the original NGO Climate Compact, InterAction is renewing its commitment to addressing climate change in the NGO community. Building on the foundation set by the first iteration of the Compact, the Climate Compact 2.0 aims to help guide signatories’ approach to the climate crisis. The principles and aims outlined in the original Compact remain, but this second version provides additional guidance around more concrete and robust organizational actions. It aims to refocus the INGO community’s response to climate change by strengthening commitments across three pillars: (1) external education and advocacy, (2) programs, and (3) internal operations. These pillars are supported by a commitment to cross-cutting internal learning and communications.

Organizations who would like to join the Compact should contact InterAction.