South Africa’s 2030 Strategy for Early Childhood Development Programmes

The early years of every child’s life provide the foundations for their future flourishing and success. In recognition of this, in the National Development Plan 2030 (NDP), government committed to universal access to early childhood development (ECD) by 2030, including two years of quality preschool.1 These are ambitious goals, and their achievement will depend on new models of co-operation, collaboration and co-ordination, not only across departments and spheres of government, but also with the ECD sector, social partners, business and donors – and just as importantly, with families and communities.

The purpose of the 2030 Strategy for ECD Programmes is, therefore, both to provide a road map towards these goals, and to provide the basis for a new social compact between all ECD role-players, in order that effort and resources are aligned behind a common strategy.