The Excel-based education sector-wide simulation model SimuED 4.0 from UNESCO allows users to project the selected key SDG4-Education indicators to facilitate national planning exercise. The model has several versions with the latest one from 2022 being SimuED 4.0. 

The first model was launched in 2019 (SimuED 2.0), and it was further revised in 2020 (SimuED 2.1).  SimuED 2.0, provided users with over one hundred built-in modules from which to choose without having to enter or modify complicated formulas. The generic core model can be customized with add-on modules to meet the needs of any country, substantially easing the model development process. The tool allows further customization by users according to their country’s need to create own add-on modules that augment the generic core model.

Costing approach: Macro-simulation

Platform and Format : Downloadable excel based

Type of analysis Prospective

What questions does it answer?

Planning, budgeting, scaling


The 4.0 update features a redesigned built-in help function (each module is now extensively explained) as well as a further simplification of module filling operations, making the model more efficient and user-friendly than ever. The tool supports the estimation of resource requirements, it can be used to project selected SDG4-Education indicators to facilitate policy and planning processes. 

Should any need arise, users can consult UNESCO for further information or support required. Examples are provided upon request. And according to UNESCO, video tutorials will be available soon.

The tool can be downloaded from Download SimuED and its help files 

Contact: Ms. Satoko Yano at  [email protected]

It has a two-page installation guide-  Installation guide.