POST-WEBINAR SUMMARY BRIEF Global Advocacy, Local Action

The ‘Global Advocacy, Local Action: Harnessing the power of advocacy to advance progress towards SDG 4.2 in 2023’ webinar hosted by UNICEF, ECDAN and UNESCO, discussed global commitments to action made at the Transforming Education Summit(TES) and the Tashkent Declaration and how synergies between global, regional, and country-level advocacy initiatives can be leveraged to move the Early Childhood Education (ECE) agenda forward as we collectively aim to meet SDG 4.2 commitments. The webinar showcased examples of successful advocacy approaches for ECE and explore how to leverage advocacy strategically to increase accountability towards global, regional, and national commitments made for ECE such as the Global Partnership Strategy for Early Childhood. Lastly, this webinar shared key global resources, such as the ECE Accelerator Toolkit, that can help ECE stakeholders in developing and implementing contextually appropriate ECE strategies.