There are two downloadable Excel-based costing template resources from J-PAL.  The detailed J-PAL Costing Template and Basic J-PAL Costing Template.  The detailed J-PAL Costing Template aims to help users generate an estimate of total program costs. It provides users with a comprehensive list of the many different cost categories or ingredients that may be included in a program. Then, within each category, the template prompts users to input various details about cost data (unit cost, number of units, currency, year, etc.) Gathering very detailed cost data is not always possible. If this data is unavailable, the  Basic J-PAL Costing Template helps users generate a rough estimate of total program cost by breaking costs out into the main, general categories or ingredients.

There is an accompanying guideline for the templates J-PAL Costing Guidelines.

Platform and Format : Downloadable excel based

Type of analysis: Retrospective and prospective

What questions does it answer?

Cost economy analysis Cost efficiency analysis


To collect costs for all ingredients needed to implement a program or intervention, excluding the costs of evaluating the impact of that program. Collecting this cost data will help NGOs, governments, and other policymakers determine how much replicating or scaling up a program will cost.