The EiE Cost Capture Template from UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) aims to guide gender-responsive cost tracking for education in emergency interventions. This Excel-based tool provides flexible support to track costs before, during and after implementing the program. The template is developed based on an ingredient costing approach and allows for inflation and currency adjustments. Users can perform cost economy and cost efficiency analysis. The last sheet of the tool provides a space to document questions that arise during costing and the response provided and by whom if any.

The EiE-GenKit Section 3 includes a series of tools to guide intervention-level planning and programme design and Section 3.3 Gender-responsive EiE costing, cost tracking and cost analysis particularly provides guidance and tools for Education in Emergency (EiE) costing. Section 3.3 aims to facilitate understanding of gender-responsive unit costs (costs per person) and ingredient costs (total costs of parts of an activity) considerations across common EiE intervention types; why and how to track gender-responsive EiE intervention costs; and why, when, and how to conduct a ‘rapid cost analysis’ on costs to inform cost and budget adaptations for context-specific, gender-responsive EiE interventions.

Costing approach: Ingredient costing

Platform and Format : Downloadable excel based

Type of analysis: Retrospective and prospective

What questions does it answer?

Cost economy analysis Cost efficiency analysis Planning, budgeting, scaling


The primary intended users of the tool and the note are national/ regional – EiE managers and personnel involved in proposal design, budget development and monitoring, and financial reporting (i.e., finance managers); and cluster coordinator due to setting costing standards/guidelines part of the cluster strategy process. During the time the EiE-GenKit was published (2021) the EiE Cost Capture Template was under field testing and will be continually updated along with additional user guidance. Relatedly, additional user guidance on the template might come forth soon.