Climate Change and Health Across the Life Course

June 5, 2024 – Climate change and health is on the forefront of the UN climate change meetings that are in progress in Bonn, Germany, June 3 to 13, 2024. The World Health Organization’s Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Ageing department has released a collection of papers that is relevant for the dialogue. The papers discuss the available scientific evidence on the health impacts of different climate hazards at key life stages. Together, they show that climate-related health risks have been crucially underestimated for younger and older people and during pregnancy, with serious, often life-threatening implications. Specifically, the papers relevant to young children are: Climate change impacts on health across the life courseClimate change, air pollution and maternal and newborn health: An overview of reviews of health outcomes, and Climate change impacts on child and adolescent health and well-being: A narrative review.