A Network of Networks

A Global Platform to Catalyze Collective Action at Scale

Our Vision

Every young child is safe, well nourished, healthy, happy, and learning.

Our Mission

The Early Childhood Development Action Networks catalyzes collective action on behalf of young children and their families around the world by connecting with global and regional partners, facilitating knowledge exchange and learning and coordinating advocacy for increased investment for quality services.

Shared Goals



2019-2022 Collective Goals

  • Ensuring that children under 5 years of age are developmentally on track;
  • Ending preventable deaths;
  • Ending all forms of malnutrition;
  • Decreasing prevalence of violence against children;
  • Achieving universal, equitable access to water, sanitation and hygiene;
  • Reducing pollution-related deaths and illnesses;
  • Providing legal identity for all;
  • Achieving universal and equitable access to quality early childhood care and pre-primary education;
  • Partnerships for the goals
  • ECD investments, action and accountability prioritized in global, regional and national political and development plans
  • Drive scale up of ECD services through access and use of evidence based knowledge and policies, and learning exchanges
  • ECD stakeholders are connected and aligned behind shared goals across sectors

Our Values and Principles

  • Increased transparency and mutual accountability across the network
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the network
  • Work collaboratively and be willing to negotiate differences and conflicts
  • Strengthen and build on systems that exist and avoid duplication
  • Mutual respect for each other
  • Recognize that ECD is a human right that also enables other rights

What We Do

A Global Network of Networks

ECDAN provides a multisectoral and multi-stakeholder platform to connect and bring together diverse
key partners and their networks to advocate for higher prioritization and investment in inclusive quality services; facilitates knowledge exchange and learning; and connects and aligns global and regional partners across sectors to drive collective action at scale for all young children to ensure their optimal development, wellbeing, and realize their full potential.


ECDAN connects partners and individual members to bridge siloes, stimulate collective action, innovate through col- laboration to produce benefits at scale beyond what individual partners and sectors can do on their own.

Advocate and Communicate
  • ECDAN runs global ECD advocacy campaigns
  • Mobilizes a network of leaders and ECD champions
  • Supports the Nurturing Care Framework Advocacy
Learn and Share
  • Capacity building through global webinars and learning events
  • Partners co-developing global public goods, tool kits and training materials
  • ECD Gateway — Online knowledge exchange platform to share resources
Connect, Coordinate and Align
  • ECD Connect — Online digital platform to connect the ECD community
  • Collaboration through joint activities with global partnerships and regional networks
  • Communities of practice and working groups
Strengthen the Global Network
  • Movement building activities
  • Build the network infrastructure
  • Resource mobilization

Who We Are

ECDAN Reports and Publications