ECDAN leverages the power of the media and storytelling to raise awareness, engage audiences, and show our collective action in advancing ECD.

We use use multi-channel communication to elevate current and emergent issues, make the case for investment in the early years, and highlight partners’ stories of impact.

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Latest Stories from the Network

Global Initiative to Support Parents Call to Action

On June 28th, 2021, a coalition of partners launched a Call to Action urging for […]

Revisiting Humanitarian Action Early: Planting the Seeds for a New Generation

June 2021 – Twenty-six-year-old Ana was seven months pregnant without access to critical prenatal health […]

Caring for caregivers: Supporting and empowering caregivers to ensure the best start in life for every child

As children’s first playmate and teachers, parents and caregivers play a very important role in […]

A Celebration of Parents Around the World and a Call to Action to Support Them

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4 Tools to Protect and Enhance Investment in Early Childhood Development and Education

The guidance documents and tools presented in the CIES session are described in a blog article to demonstrate how the ECD community has worked together to provide concrete solutions to the many pressing ECD and ECE challenges.

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