Special Olympics Brings Children with Disabilities to the Forefront

On 3 December each year, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is celebrated. This year, David S. Evangelista, President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia and Senior Advisor, International Development, Special Olympics, Inc., talked to ECDAN about the importance of early interventions for children with disabilities.
December 3, 2023

Time to put Africa's Youngest Children in Climate Change Consideration

CGTN news outlet published an op-ed co-authored by Lynette Okengo, Executive Director of the Africa Early Childhood Network and Elizabeth Lule, Executive Director of the Early Childhood Development Action Network. The article calls for concerted efforts to prioritize early childhood development in regional and national plans to address the underlying causes of climate change and environmental degradation.
December 2, 2023

Media Advisory: Building the Foundations of Climate Action by Investing in Children

As global leaders gather at the 28th session of the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, ECD organizations will host a series of side events to put young children at the forefront of climate-impact discussions, actions, and financing. One such event is Growing Green Champions: Building the Foundations of Climate Action by Investing in Children, hosted by ECDAN, UNICEF, and Dubai Cares at RewirEd Summit on December 8, 2023 at the Connect Conference Centre in the Green Zone at Expo City Dubai.
December 1, 2023

Let Kids “Take Over” on This World Children’s Day and Beyond

The Global Initiative to Support Parents is recognizing and celebrating World Children’s Day with this blog post, calling all stakeholders to action. "We recognize and celebrate the ideas and demands that children have on issues that matter to them. From climate change to education to ending discrimination, we encourage kids to “take over” to inspire us with their actions, show us their solutions, and galvanize support for positive change."
November 20, 2023

Let's Shift Systems and Promote Childcare as a Vital Public Good

The Standard, a news outlet in Kenya, published an opinion piece by Lucy Minayo, Director of NurtureFirst, formerly the Home-Based Childcare Initiative. In the article, she discussed why childcare is a public good.
November 7, 2023

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