ECD Networks

ECD Action Network is a network of networks and supports regional ECD communities and their efforts to help all children reach their developmental potential.

There are currently four regional networks with websites.  Within each of these network websites are critical resources and communities of practice from or focused on particular parts of the world.  Through these regional networks are also connections to some country level ECD networks.


Europe and Central Asia – International Step by Step Association (ISSA) –

Africa – Africa Early Childhood Network (AfECN) –

Asia – Asia Pacific Early Childhood Network (ARNEC) –

Middle East – Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD) –



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The Nurturing care framework for early childhood development: A framework for helping children SURVIVE and THRIVE to TRANS- FORM health and human potential builds upon state-of-the art evidence of how child development unfolds and of the effective policies and interventions that can improve early childhood de- velopment.