Call to Act Together: Global Partnership Strategy for Early Childhood

Join our Call to Act Together to engage and spread the word on the significance of early childhood education across the world.

As part of the Global Partnership Strategy for Early Childhood, UNESCOOMEP and ECDAN are joining forces to launch the Call to Act Together in order to mobilize governments, organizations, networks and individuals for a renewed commitment to action for young children.

As part of joining the Call to Act Together you will be asked to:

  1. Show your support by authorizing the use of your logo (for government entities and development partner organizations) or the inclusion of your name, job title and organization (for individuals) on the Global Partnership Strategy webpage.
  • For government entities and development partner organizations: Please complete the survey to authorize your logo to be included. If a URL for your logo is available, please share the link in the Call to Act Together survey. If not, then please email us your logo to [email protected]
  • For individuals: Please complete the survey to authorize us to include your full name, job title, and organization.
  1. Complete the survey to provide a detailed description of the actions you are currently taking, across the following five pillars of collective action as outlined in the Global Strategy:

                 1. Evidence for Action and Rights 
                 2. Data, Monitoring and Evaluation for Accountability 
                 3. Efforts to Scale-up Access, Inclusion, Equity and Quality 
                 4. Strengthen Policy, Governance, Financing and Advocacy 
                 5. International and National Coordination and Cooperation
The Call to Act Together will remain open from 6 December 2021 to 30 April 2022. Once the survey deadline has passed, we will reach out to partners who have joined the movement to coordinate the next steps.


Who have Joined the Call:
(Updated frequently)


Who have Joined the Call:
(Updated frequently)
Mireille Nessim
Takatof Association for Development

Shamsunisa Dalwai
Community Development Facilitator
Foundation for Community Work

Sylvester Lim
Program Director
Harmoni Schools

Setaita Adikinita
ECE Teacher
Fiji Early Childhood Teachers Association 

Akissi Estelle KOUADIO
Programme Officer


Joylet Genda
National Coordinator
Early Childhood Development Coalition Malawi

Becky Ndungu
Educational Psychologist