Call for consultant ECD learning material

Deadline of submission: 28 March 2023

Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to the development of competency frameworks, curriculum development, design of virtual learning materials, and design of operational guidance on how to strengthen pre-service education for different workforce cadres, to support nurturing care for early childhood development. 


In May 2018, the Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development (ECD) was launched alongside the World Health Assembly.  Coordinated by WHO, the Framework was developed in partnership with UNICEF, the World Bank Group, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) and the ECD Action Network (ECDAN). The Framework has been very well received by governments and partners and there is now movement to upgrade global and national child health agendas to better address young children’s development. 

The Framework emphasizes the important role of the health workforce in supporting caregivers to provide their children nurturing care. Actualizing this vision requires strengthening pre- and in-service education. Many of WHO’s partners have taken steps to strengthen in-service training by developing or enhancing in-service training packages. However, little is known about what is being recommended (content and skills), what tools and resources are being used to inform content development, which cadres of the workforce are benefitting from these enhancements, and how this content is being delivered. Revisions to or the development of new in-service training packages has been done organically driven by local expertise, actors and needs and critically with government buy-in. These efforts are generating demand for materials and normative guidance to strengthen pre-service education. Among the existing efforts and beyond there are learning materials that could be leveraged for wider use and integrated into future pre- and in-service training of the health workforce. But at present these have not yet been identified, reviewed, or made available for local use and/or adaptation. Thus, there is a need to consolidate existing materials and develop normative guidance and define the parameters to be considered for local adaptation.


  • Deliverable 1: Core content and common elements of available learning materials analyzed.
    Target date: 15 August 2023
    • Gather pre- and in-service training materials and audiovisual materials that are intended to build the capacity of the health workforce to promote nurturing care and analyze their content for core and common elements. 
  • Deliverable 2: Draft competency frameworks prepared, and country consultations held.
    Target date 31 October 2023
    • Organize consultation with governments, teaching institutions, and local actors to discuss the local needs for learning materials in selected countries.
    • Develop competency frameworks for different health workforce cadres defining core knowledge and skills to support nurturing care. 
  • Deliverable 3: Development of core content for inclusion in basic and continuing education in progress.
    Target date 31 December 2023
    • Design core content on nurturing care for early childhood development, for inclusion in basic and continuing education of the health work force.
    • Contribute to field testing of draft materials in selected countries. 

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

Educational Qualifications:


  • Advanced degree in childhood development or child psychology, pedagogy, or education.  


  • Certificate in curriculum development or teaching and learning methodologies.



  • Over 10 years of relevant experience in the field of early childhood development.  
  • Experience in working with governments and stakeholders on capacity building of the early childhood workforce. 
  • Prior experience in developing or revising curricula for basic training institutions or higher education institutions. 


  • Prior experience of working with a UN or similar agency. 



  • Excellent knowledge of the science of ECD and its practical translation.
  • Excellent knowledge of education methodologies and skills transfer.
  • Excellent writing skills. 
  • Strong skills in the development or packaging of training materials. 
  • Good knowledge of virtual learning platforms and their requirements.    

Languages required:


  • Expert knowledge of English.


  • Intermediate knowledge of at least one other UN language.


Off-site – Home based.


The consultant is expected to travel.

Remuneration and budget (travel costs are excluded):


Band level C – USD 10,000 – 12,500 per month.

Living expenses (A living expense is payable to on-site consultants who are internationally recruited):


Expected duration of contract: 

9 months (Part-time at 60 – 70%). Remuneration will be pro-rated accordingly. 

How to apply

Please apply here before 28 March 2023

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