OneSky Approach: Scaling Responsive Care Across Asia

August 29, 2023 – Twenty-five years ago, OneSky embarked on a journey to bring love and responsive care to infants in child welfare institutions in China. The goal was to create safe and nurturing learning environments across the country so that vulnerable young children could receive the foundation they needed to thrive. Acknowledging the universal need for quality childcare, especially for children who had been abandoned, neglected, or affected by migration, OneSky expanded its services to Vietnam and Mongolia over the years. Since 1998, OneSky has trained 75,489 dedicated caregivers and transformed the lives of 286,545 children across these countries, revolutionizing early childhood care and education. 

With an approach that includes internationally recognized training methods and curricula, OneSky partners with governments and communities in Asia to provide responsive care and safe learning environments so vulnerable young children can thrive. OneSky advocates for and supports systems-level change, first, by directly implementing its programs to showcase how its evidence-based approach is making a difference in the lives of the children and families they serve. They then support NGO and government partners to take programs forward at scale. Throughout the process, OneSky’s country and global teams monitor results, refine programs as needed, and form critical partnerships with community members, NGOs, and governments. 

The Childcare4All campaign seeks to lift up the work happening at the country level to raise awareness and advocate for political commitments to strengthening childcare systems. The partner blog series highlights the challenges to building stronger childcare systems across different countries and contexts as well as the work of local partners to overcome those barriers.