Global Initiative to Support Parents Call to Action

Unicef World, World Health Organization, Parenting for Lifelong Health, Early Childhood Action Network (ECDAN), End Violence Against Children
Mother with daughter sitting on bed sharing a cell phone screen.
Global Initiative to Support Parents Call to Action

On June 28th, 2021, a coalition of partners launched a Call to Action urging for increased investment and scale-up of evidence-based initiatives to support caregivers. These partners, which include UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), Partnership for lifelong Health (PLH), the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN), and the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, are urging organizations of all types to take part in this call, including governments, global partnerships, multi- and bi-lateral agencies, political bodies, funders, international non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, the business sector, academia, civil society organizations, networks, and advocates.

Why now?

With the spread of COVID-19, parents and caregivers are experiencing unprecedented challenges, with children at great risk of not reaching their full potential. Now, more than ever, parents and caregivers have a pivotal role to play at the front lines of protecting their children from stress and promoting their development, health, and well-being. The pandemic has brought to the forefront the critical role of parenting, as well as the tremendous influence the home environment has on children’s lives.

The evidence is clear: parents and the environment at home are central pillars in supporting children’s health and development. The quality of parenting practices is a key determinant of every child’s ability to develop their cognitive, emotional, and social potential and resilience against adversity.

What can we do?

Before COVID-19, at least 250 million young children were already at risk of not reaching their full potential. Now, UNICEF estimates that more than one billion children are facing that risk due to the increased isolation from school closures, the financial hardship of families, and the disruption of child protection, health, education, and other services because of the pandemic. The cost of inaction in
support of parents will have long-term impacts on future human capital – and because of that, we must act now.

This unprecedented global crisis calls for an agile, coordinated, and unified global effort on behalf of ALL parents and caregivers, especially the most vulnerable. We must work collectively to innovate, scale-up, generate evidence, and advocate for initiatives that support parents and caregivers. Join us and grow the global movement in support of parents to secure a more resilient and promising future.

Collective Action Goals:

  1. Protect children and adolescents, and support families to cope with the multiple stressors, including those resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Enable parents to nurture their children’s development across the life course, in the context of reduced childrelated services and increased parental responsibilities.
  3. Build the foundation for mainstreaming the uptake and implementation of evidence-based parent and caregiver support initiatives in all countries.

We Call For Collective Actions Across Four Pillars:

  1. SCALE: Invest in proven, cost-effective, and contextualized parenting interventions while building national capacity to sustain delivery of the services.
  2. INNOVATE: Design new digital and hybrid approaches that leverage technology to lower costs, increase uptake and reach underserved populations; adapting and improving interventions to enable efficient scale-up.
  3. GENERATE EVIDENCE: Test innovations and existing interventions through real-world trials, optimization studies on core components, and implementation research across contexts at scale.
  4. ADVOCATE: Invest in advocacy for the uptake of parenting interventions through policy advocacy and public and private financing.


Who have Joined the Call:

(Updated frequently)


Who have Joined the Call:

(Updated frequently)

Jamie Lachman
Senior Research Officer
Department of Global Health and Population
University of Oxford

Akira Shibanuma
The University of Tokyo

Yin Minn Latt
Country Representative
Terre des hommes Italia

Ramadhan Kirunda
Research and Technical Advisor
Impact and Innovations Development Centre

Angel Belle Dy
The Growing Brain PH

Alessandra Prioreschi
The University of the Witwatersrand

Cassia Carvalho
Country Engagement Officer
End Violence

Carmen Paterson-Payne
Provincial Coordinator
Nobody’s Perfect Manitoba- Youville Centre

Dayana Joosapillai
Excellency Executive
Sharjah Child

Hong Huay Lim
Board Chair
CaringSG Ltd

Fiona Burtt
Senior Technical Advisor

Ilona Tamutiene
Vytautas Magnus University

Enkhtuya Sukhbaatar
Tom Ah Egch

Mirza Adil Beig
District Project Assistant Capacity Building
Aga Khan Foundation

Waziri Mapunda
Senior Program Manager, ECD
BRAC Enterprises Tanzania Limited

Melek Er
ECD Director
Atılım University

Sofia Rebehy
Early Childhood Program Coordinator
United Way Brasil

Stella Gitia
Technical Officer
LCVT Health

Yaya Togo
PhD Student, Researcher

Veda Corriette George
Early Childhood Coordinator
Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning,
Vocational Training and National Excellence

Anjoo Bhatnagar
Pediatrician in charge of ECD and ECE
Saran Ashram Hospital Dayalbagh Agra India

Sinisa Baljo
National Programme Development Director
SOS Children’s Villages Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bianca Abeygoonawar
Child Development & Child Protection Expert
Freelance Service

Eve Sullivan
Founder & Director
Parents Forum

Marta Figueiredo
OTR/L, PGDip, EI/SI, NBCT, SMS, Prof. Doc.
LifePrint- Terapia Ocupacional Pediatrica

Almaz Ismayil
Independent Consultant

Vuyiswa Ncontsa
BRIDGE Innovation in Learning

Mary Aguadera

Mable Sichali
Community Development and Social Justice Secretary
The United Church of Zambia

Sabilah Eboo Alwani
Doctoral Researcher
University of Cambridge

Nurper Ulkue
Uskudar University

Asma Hidri
ECD Director
Ministry of Childhood

Sylvia Mwangi
Education Practitioner

Tushiya Consult