Become A Partner

ECDAN Partnership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner of the Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN). Please take a few minutes to read the form in its entirety and complete the information requested in the various fields.

Partnership benefits

  • Join other partners to influence global, regional, and national early childhood development (ECD) policies and initiatives and jointly advocate for increased and effective use of domestic and external financing resources, and communicate the investment case effectively for investing in and scaling up ECD programs and services.
  • Connect with other partners to strengthen collaborative, coordinated action across sectors, disciplines, networks, partnerships for greater impact.
  • Contribute to building a dynamic knowledge and learning exchange platform. Access and share tools, advocacy assets, and promising practices and participate in opportunities for joint learning and knowledge exchange across sectors, networks, partnerships, regions, and countries.
  • Network with partners, funders, and other key stakeholders to explore ways to resource ECD programming at national and regional levels.
  • Learn of events which you can participate in, contribute to, and share with your own networks

Partner responsibilities

  • Share ECDAN’s vision of a world where every child is safe, healthy, well nourished, happy, and learning.
  • Support ECDAN’s mission : to catalyze collective action on behalf of young children and families around the world by connecting with global and regional partners, facilitating knowledge exchange and learning, and coordinating advocacy for increased investment for quality services. 
  • Collaborate in pursuing thes eobjectives towards that vision and mission:
    • Increase and sustain international and domestic political support for and investments in evidence-based ECD policies and programs, to ensure that all young children thrive.
    • Increase access to and use of evidence-based knowledge to advance ECD policy and practice.
    • Improve alignment, coordination, and collaboration on common goals among ECD stakeholders and across sectors.
    • Build and sustain an effective and efficient global network.
  • Be willing to participate in events and forums facilitated by ECDAN and partners.
  • Be willing to be contacted by ECDAN and other partners with requests for information and collaboration opportunities.
  • Be open to collaborating with other partners on areas of synergy—including, but not limited to sharing materials, exchanging knowledge and best practices, and exploring joint resource mobilization.
  • Uphold ECDAN’s principles:
    • Be transparent and mutually accountable.
    • Be collaborative and respectful.
    • Be inclusive, diverse, and equitable.
    • Be rights-based.
    • Be synergetic, relevant, innovative, and catalytic.
  • Adhere to international norms, standards, and policies regarding:
    • Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse
    • Trafficking in persons
    • International labor conventions
    • Ethical conduct of research
    • Data privacy
    • Money laundering
    • Tobacco and firearms
    • Marketing of breast-milk substitutes

Please fill in the form as accurately as possible to allow for better assessment.

* = compulsory fields